CRM 3000 renewal

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The CRM 3000 is a sensor which monitors rail temperature.

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The CRM 3000 monitors rail temperature. The sensor uses the latest low-power NB-IoT connectivity technology to transmit temperature data to our cloud-based business information system and app named Insight.
The CRM 3000 is magnetic which means it can be attached to an object effortlessly and can be moved easily if  required.

By connecting the CRM 3000 to Dual Inventive’s app Insight via NB-IoT technology, it gives the user instant access to our online platform to monitor and analyse the data. Thresholds can then be set to alert the user once the temperature breaches that threshold allowing the user to take necessary action.

Any data collated is safe and secure via a worldwide secured network.

Only available via rental subscription of 2 or 5 years. The rental period can be extended by another 2 or 5 years after expiry. The use of Dual Inventive’s app Insight is included in the rental price.



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Country Australia, Belgium, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom
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CRM 3000 renewal

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