Winter Pack Kit

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The Winter Pack Kit consists of a Main Battery, Battery Linking cable and Solar NRG 3000 Optimiser Upgrade Kit.

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Our Winter Pack looks to optimise your ZKL 3000 RC’s power during the winter period, resulting in less visits to the trackside to change batteries and better efficiency of your device.  This kit includes the following components:

  • 1 x Solar NRG Optimiser Upgrade Kit – this upgrade to your existing NRG 3000 Solar Panel increases the harvesting of the Panel to enable faster charging of your main battery and better optimisation of available daylight hours for charging.
  • 1 x 6.4V Main Battery – An additional 6.4V Main Battery that can be added in addition to the existing main battery, thus doubling your battery life.
  • 1 x Battery Linking Cable – Allows two Main Batteries to be linked to 1 ZKL3000 RC thus doubling your available battery life.

This kit is also useful for devices that are in remote locations, or where trackside is difficult to access.


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Winter Pack Kit

Winter Pack kit
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